Busch Entertainment

After lots of effort, today marked the closing and final day of the transfer from Busch Entertainment formerly run by InBev, to the new owners, Blackstone.  The company also debuted a new name and official logo.  What you are looking at above is the logo for the new theme park chain, Sea World Parks & Entertainment, a fitting umbrella name for the companies numerous park destinations.  While the name is changing, according to this post on the company’s blog, the way they run the parks will not.  The 26 million visitors of the theme parks will notice little change besides the loss of the Busch related items.

For those wondering about the Busch Gardens franchise and if the name will remain the same, according to an article by the Orlando Sentinel, the Blackstone group has reached an agreement with InBev, the new owners of Aschnuer Busch and have been allowed to retain the Busch Gardens name for both parks in Tampa, Florida and Williamsburg, Virginia.  Leave a comment and park thought below!