2010 is officially here, and with it will come a whole new batch of great attractions around the world. From things as small as a new family coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, to a brand new, world-class theme park in Singapore, this will be a great year for the industry. So, in honor of the new year, here’s a list of the major new additions coming to a theme park near you.

Air Grover (Busch Gardens Africa, Florida)

One of the highlights of Busch Gardens Africa’s upcoming Sesame Street Safari of Fun, will be Air Grover. Little thrill seekers will get to board Grover’s air plane and take a gentle tour of the Sahara. Expected to open in Spring 2010, Air Grover will be the perfect coaster for little kids at Busch Gardens Africa.

Flying Turns (Knoebels, Pennsylvania)

After years of delay, it appears that the infamous Flying Turns may finally open in 2010. The coaster is a tribute to a long-gone style of wooden roller coasters that existed almost 100 years ago.  Knoebels has been custom building this coaster themselves and have run into several delays over the years. However, now that new trains are on their way, riders may finally fly around the turns in new year.

Intimidator (Carowinds, South Carolina/North Carolina)

Bolliger and Mabillard’s latest creation will be a massive hyper coaster that runs the boundaries of the Carolina park. Featuring a unique layout, several airtime hills, and a Nascar theme, Carowind’s new coaster may be emerging as the signature attraction for the park. Since construction on the track is fully complete, it seems safe to stay that Intimidator is on track to opening with the rest of the park in April.

Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion, Virginia)

Topping off at a whopping 305 feet, Intimidator 305 will be one of the biggest creations Intamin AG has ever built. Utilizing a new track system, Kings Dominion’s new coaster will feature a death-defying drop before entering several high-speed turns. While the layout is controversial, it is no secret that Intimidator 305 will provide excitement rarely experienced by an average guest.

Joris en de Draak (Efteling, Netherlands)

Efteling will transport us into a medieval world of knights, wizards, and dragons. Joris en de Draak (George and the Dragon for you English lovers) is a dueling GCI that will feature elaborate theming and details in an incredible adventure. The wooden adventure will add to Efteling’s arsenal of highly themed thrill rides when it opens in a few months.

Little Dipper (Six Flags Great America, Illinois)

Straight from Kiddieland, the classic wooden coaster was recently purchased by Illinois’ own Six Flags Great America. While a final date has not been set, Little Dipper may open as early as 2010 as a major addition to the park’s children area.

Omaka Rocka (Aquatica, Orlando)

Sea World Orlando’s very successful park, Aquatica, will be introducing two new water slides next year. These water slides, are unique, first of their kind creations from ProSlide Technology. Each of the new slides will feature 3 (count that, three) funnels that guests will drop through. As the first major addition since the park’s opening in 2008, Omaka Rocka is not expected to disappoint.

Shoot the Rapids (Cedar Point, Ohio)

Cedar Point will be returning to its roots with a reinvention of a classic ride. Intamin AG created a water flume that feature 2 great jobs and hopefully some nice scenery as well. Cedar Point is trying to combine modern technology with a classic layout, will they succeed?

Scorpion’s Tail (Noah’s Ark, Wisconsin)

Another popular water park, Noah’s Ark, will be introducing America’s first AquaLoop. Noah’s Ark location, the Wisconsin Dells, is filled with over 20 water parks, so they are always looking for the latest and greatest new additions. Scorpion’s Tail will have brave sliders ride down a huge drop before going through an inclined loop and down into a splash run.

Sky Rocket (Kennywood, Pennsylvania)

Kennywood’s step into the 21st Century steel coaster era has lead them to adding Sky Rocket. Built by Premier Rides, Sky Rocket will launch a train load of brave riders into a twisted layout featuring 90 degree drops, inversions, and an adrenaline pumping launch.

Thirteen (Alton Towers, United Kingdom)

Alton Towers continues to push the envelope with the ground breaking Secret Weapon 6 roller coaster set to open in time for Summer. The one of a kind Intamin creation is themed to a haunted castle and the adventures riders will encounter along the way. Thirteen will feature many unique elements never before done before by any .

Universal Studios Singapore (Singapore)

Universal is opening yet another resort in Singapore. The park features many unique attractions such as the dueling Battlestar Gallatica coaster, a river rapids version of Jurassic Park, and 2 elaborately themed Dreamworks areas. The new resort is expected to soft open this Spring with all of it’s attractions set to open along with the park.

Toy Story Playland (Walt Disney Studios Paris, France and Hong Kong Disneyland,China)

A brand new area inspired by Toy Story and Toy Story 2 is coming to both Walt Disney Studios Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. The areas are said to be mirror images of each other and shrink guests to the size of a toy with a number of common flat rides themed to the movie’s characters. Included in the collection of rides is a half pipe known as RC Racer.

Wildebeest (Splashin’ Safari, Indiana)

Holiday World fails to disappoint with their newest addition Wildebeest. Wildebeest is the world’s longest water coaster and it is not some gimmick attraction. It throws guests up and over hill with high powered magnets on the track and in the rafts. Clocking in at just under 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Wildebeest and its 1/3 of a mile track are a clear canidate for best new waterslide of 2010.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Islands of Adventure, Florida)

The long awaited Wizarding World of Harry Potter area at Universal Studio Orlando’s Island of Adventure park is finally opening this year. Included in the magical new area will be a completely rethemed Dueling Dragons and Flight of the Unicorn, new shops inspired directly from the books and movie, and the grand attraction known as Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. This revolutionary dark ride experience is said to utilize RoboArm technology in a exhilarating adventure alongside Harry Potter and his friends.

World of Color (Disney’s California Adventure, California)

One of the head lines of Disney’s California Adventure’s 1.1 billion dollar expansion is World of Color.  A huge, nighttime show that will have fire, water, lasers, lights, and emotion, at an estimated cost of $200 million.  This is one of the biggest steps the park has taken since its opening by creating a permanent nighttime show to encourage more guests to stay in the park after dark.

Unknown (Six Flags Magic Mountain, California)

Six Flags Magic Mountain announced that they are going to construct a new coaster in 2010 to share the title with Cedar Point for most coasters. While land has been cleared, there has been no official news from Six Flags or any other source as promised would be delivered in November. However, since it is going to be a family attraction, it will probably take minimal time to build.

Unknown (Wild Adventures, Georgia)

Wild Adventures theme park in Georgia lists several new kiddie/family attractions for 2010; one of them being a roller coaster. They have not revealed any details or concept art for the new coaster.

Below is a map of the major new attractions for next year:

What attraction are you looking forward to the most? Leave your comments and Park Thoughts!