Legoland California has announced a brand new 5.5 acre water based addition to their popular children’s theme park.  At only an additional $10 to the standard theme park admission, the theme park is looking for this to keep guests staying longer and eventually turn the entire park into a full fledged resort with a hotel once the economy is in a better state.

The $15 million expansion is targeted at families with children 2-12 years old.  Therefore don’t go expecting the biggest and best thrills, but instead, a great family park that has quite a bit of detail, heart, and nostalgia.  Check out some of the details at the LA Times.

Also coming in 2010 to Legoland California, is a brand new 4D Cinema Experience.  Themed to a group of Lego Heroes, it will combine giant 3D movie action, with physical effects to create an immersive LEGO experience.

Legoland is a wonderful park, and I feel these are two excellent additions.  Do you feel the same?  Leave a comment and park thought below?