Planet Snoopy has been announced as the replacement for all of the Nickelodeon Central and Hannah Barbara’s Kidzville areas in the former Paramount Parks.  These new Snoopy-fied areas are all currently in the construction phase and each ne is set to open in time for the 2010 opening day.

Cedar Fair recently launched a new Planet Snoopy website for each of their four new locations in California’s Great America, King’s Island, King’s Dominion and Carowinds.  Each website comes with a video, a link to the parks home page, operating schedule, and a park map.  Below is one of the park maps from California’s Great America.

The park maps are not the updated versions sadly but they do indicate the park entrance (what every theme park enthusiast needs to know) as well as the location of the up and coming area.  Check out the website here.  Be sure to leave your Park Thoughts on Planet Snoopy below.