Universal Studios and Korean Officials recently held a confrence discussing the new Universal Studios Korea set to open in 2014.  The massive new resort complex will be built on Korean waterfront and will be the biggest Universal Studios Complex yet.

Set to open in this massive resort will be a theme park, city walk, water park, retail outlet, golf course, and themed hotels.  All of this will be built with Universal’s top notch quality in mind.  Everything will be built with a certain level of taste and detail.

Universal Studios Korea will be roughly twice the size of the Orlando Resort, that is absolutely massive.  Universal states they have a strong confidence in the project and that the 10,000 jobs it creates and the amount of tourism it brings in will make it a great resort for both the company and the Korean economy.

With Universal Studios now building so many parks (Korea, Singapore, Beijing, Osaka, Orlando, and Hollywood) will they continue the world class quality or will the appeal of Universal Studios begin to water down?  What do you think?  Leave a comment and park thought below.