Well, now it looks like everyone has a good idea of how The Wizarding World of Harry Potter would look like if you were to take a broom stick and fly over it. The great folks at OrlandoUnited.com recently, got pictures of a helicopter tour over Universal’s Islands of Adventures in Orlando, Florida.  In the process, he got some amazing shots from high above the new area that reveal quite a bit of the details, buildings, and the overall magnitude of the project.

This is the first time we have seen a real image of the actual layout of the entire area.  It reveals how all the shops will be placed relative to each other, as well as just how huge the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey’s show building will be.  It looks like it will be the biggest dark ride show building ever.  Can’t wait to see what is on the inside.

The detail is outstanding.  And if/when Dueling Dra err…. Dragon Challeng is repainted and the queue is slightly modified, I feel the area will be very cohesive as a unit.  The snow is something else I was not expecting to be pulled off so well.  So good job Universal Studios Resort Orlando!  Looks like you have established a terrific themed area.

My only fear is the transition into the area, the adventure/arabic styled architecture to a Hogwarts environment will be very jarring.  However it is not complete, and I still do not know what it will look like when it is complete.  So we will all just have to wait and see when it opens in time for Summer!

So make sure to check out Orlando United to see the rest of these incredible pictures.  Leave a comment with your park thought below!