The HoliBlog recently teamed up with the great guys at Gravity Group to show off some of the features of the upcoming Timberliner trains that will be installed to the Voyage in Holiday World.  Indiana’s number 1 theme park will be improving the already outstanding wooden coaster with these new trains.

The Timberliners are very unique in several ways.  One of the biggest ones is that the trains actually steer. Traditional wooden coaster trains (in fact all wooden coaster trains prior to this) had fixed axles so the trains would be forced around the turn.  The new style of trains will allow each car to glide around the turns as the wheels each can swivel slightly.

Another great feature is the lap bar system.  Gravity Group set out to create a way for the the park to have maximum capacity, and one way of doing that was by having a quicker loading time.  Timberliners have lap bars that come from the side to over the waste to allow for no seat belt necessary making for safety checks to be much faster.  These restraints accomadate a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so big Uncle Bill and little Bobby can enjoy the Voyage.

Voyage will become even more impressive with the sleek train designs that are very stylish.  They have a very distinct silhouette.  Not only do they look nice, but the cars ride better as well.  Each duo of seats is accommodated suspension to allow for yet a smoother ride (as if steering was not enough).

I highly recommend you watch the video as they Gravity Group makes everything entertaining.  What do you think of the Timberliners?  Leave a comment with your Park Thoughts below!