This week, we asked our readers to contribute your thoughts on the topic of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.  Six Flags may be sued for shutting down Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in the near future.  It is a questionable topic since Six Flags is in rough times right now, so to improve the other parks, they must give the axe to one of the parks that do not do so well.  Now, should Six Flags be sued because they are trying to improve their business?

Well it looks lik 68% of you readers say no.   Out of the 22 voters, 15 of them believe that Six Flags should NOT be sued for shutting down their Kentucky Park.  I for one agree with this.  No pain, no gain, if you want to improve your company, you must make some sacrifices and unfortunately, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom was one of those sacrifices.  However, 32% disagree believing that Six Flags should be legally punished.

This is not the only legal issue the company is having with the fellow Kentucky residents.  The Kentucky Fairgrounds are filing a law suit against the coasters are on the Kentucky Fairgrounds, which Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is located on, and therefore the coasters are theirs.  However, Six Flags concurs, and files a lawsuit back at them.

Do you think Six Flags should be sued for closing Kentucky Kingdom?

  • Yes (36%, 26 Votes)
  • No (64%, 47 Votes)

Total Voters: 73

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New Poll!

Now we have a question for you: Quality or Quantity?  Is it better to have a smaller amusement park but have that park work to the best of it’s abilities.  Quality means that the park has a few coasters but it has the best, it has the best food, and it has the best atmosphere.  It is a clean park, it is well staffed friendly and has a some of the best offerings around.

Quantity, however, is a park with more coasters, more rides, and a bigger park, however the park is not the best.  While this park may have double the coasters of a quality park, these coasters are not as good as the ones in the quality park but there are several more of them.  There are more staff, but not quite as motivated, there is more food, but not quite as good, and there is just more to do.

Quality vs. Quantity?

  • Quality: Nicer park, more themeing! (67%, 137 Votes)
  • Quantity: More coasters! (33%, 66 Votes)

Total Voters: 203

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So what is better?  Quality or Quantity?  Make sure you vote!  Poll closes next Friday.