Splash Town Water Park in Spring, Texas will be debuting Stingray Racer.  An all new ProSlide OctopusRacer for their 2010 season.   On Stingray Racer, guests will get to challenge 5 of their friends into a high energy, high tension speed race down the slide.  The ride begins with a helix rounding in opposite directions on each side.  Then, the big ending with a 40+ foot high drop into a long straight away to determine the winner.

The OctopusRacer seems to be the latest and greatest new trend in water parks today.  The standard mat racer looks like it is now yesterdays rules as these newer creations have longer ride times, feature a spiral, and can have either 1 steep, big drop, or multiple mini drops like the standard Mat Racer.  I think this is a great trend.  They certainly seem like more exciting.