Both, Holiday World and Gravity Group are preparing for the arrival of the new Timberliner trains for The Voyage.  Holiday World has added a new gallery to their Facebook page about the preparation for the ride and Gravity Group added a few photos to their Facebook page showing the new cushions for the trains.

Lots of track preperations are going on in preperation for the Voyage’s new vehicles.  The Timberliners will be unique, and first of their kind rides where the cars will actually be able to steer themselves around corners.  This will provide for a much smoother ride as well as less wear and tear on the track itself, lowering maintenance.

Also featured on the new trains is a new restraint that comes from the side covering the waste making for a much comfortable ride for all shapes and sizes.  Each seat conforms to the body making ride more enjoyable compared to the standard PTC Bench style seating.

Holiday World seems to be heading in the right direction every year with a seemingly amazing addition each year.  The Timberliners on the Voyage and Wildebeest are going to make 2010 one of Holiday World’s best years yet.