For anyone who is familiar with our blog, you know that Ethan, one of our blog writers keeps on top of everything happening with Intimidator at Carowinds.  However, in King’s Dominion, is working hard at getting their new Intamin Giga-Coaster ready in time for the heavy summer crowds.

Behind the Thrills has a new update where they stopped by the park during the off season and caught a glimpse of Intimidator 305 testing.  It certainly appears that the ride has the drop of Millennium Force combined the quick and banked turns of Maverick into one massive coaster.   The layout emphasizes on the speed the ride will pick up on the first 305′ drop.

Also, what has surfaced on the internet is a new video of Intimidator 305 testing.  The race car shaped trains can be seen twisting and winding through the track but more importantly it reveals what has been a mystery since the announcement.  It has been debated over what kind of restraints the ride will feature but now it is confirmed that Intimidator 305 will indeed feature restraints similar to Kingda Ka, Maverick, ect.

For any fans of the park, looking forward to the coaster’s opening, you can go to a NASCAR style tailgate for a special preview of the ride.  The tailgate goers will be first in line on opening day to experience the new coaster.  You can read more details about it here.

Honestly, I was not very impressed when this ride was announced but it does seem to be coming together very nicely.  It will be interesting to see this ride come together in the coming weeks for opening day.