Yesterday was the official opening of Universal Studios Sinagpore.  The park welcomed a large crowd as they lined the walk ways excited to experience all the park has to offer.  Finally, after years of planning and construction, the park can finally let in it’s first guests.

The opening ceremony featured 18 dancing lions, Betty Boop, Frankenstein, and plenty of guests.  Guests were allowed in starting around 8:30 and played in the park all day until the night’s grand finale with fireworks on Lake Hollywood.

Overall, the park features a unique collection of different Universal rides re-imagined.  For example, this park featured an entirely different version of Revenge of the Mummy and Jurrasic Park.  The Singapore park also has several unique attractions such as a Madgascar, and Shrek area, as well as a Battle Star Galatica coaster.

As for the park, I hope it succeeds and I am confident it will succeed.  The park is incredibly designed and features a wide variety of rides that will appeal to children and thrill seekers alike.  Good luck Universal Studios Singapore.