Dorney Park has made it official that they will be adding Cedar Point’s old Demon Drop later this year. The 1st Generation Intamin drop tower has a long history at it’s former home in Cedar Point but it has now been given a new home in Allenstown, Pennsylvania.

From the park’s website:

Passengers board Demon Drop at ground level into a four-person car that moves horizontally to the base of the tower. The car then climbs to the top of the tower in only six seconds! Once at the top, the car slowly inches forward into the drop area. Riders are suspended there for what seems like an eternity, then without warning, they plummet 60 feet in less than two seconds of true free-fall before experiencing the deceleration g-forces as the car enters a pull-out curve. A computerized braking system slowly stops the car, which is then returned under the track for the next daring passengers.

Dorney Park officials are excited for this thrilling new addition to their park and say that it is on track to an early June opening.