LEGOLAND Windsor has dismantled Jungle Coaster, the park’s wild mouse coaster this past off season.  The coaster was plagued with problems, mainly due to complaints from neighbors.  Opened in 2004, the Mack custom Wild Mouse was one of the park’s hree coasters.  Unfortunately, in recent years, the park was received so many complaints from the locals that the park had to take action.  In an attempt to reduce noise, the park added doors as well as a roof completely enclosing the cars, similar to a golf cart.  This new addition only caused more problems, increasing loading times, making wait times much longer, and also reducing the thrill factor.  Also a problem with the new car design was it reduced the train to having just 2 adults, so families with larger kids were not allowed to ride together.  And as a family park, these new requirements were not appealing to park visitors.  So as a result, in the pass few months, piece by piece the coaster has been completely taken down and removed from the parks.  After riding a mirror image of the coaster in LEGOLAND California and it was certainly enjoyable.  Too bad just to many complaints came in.  All I can say now, is let the rumors begin about this ride being moved to LEGOLAND Florida…..