OpenAire, designer of many retractable roof systems, has announced they will be creating their biggest structure in North America at Jay Peak Vermont. Located inside will be a huge indoor water park. The retractable roof will allow for open air flow during the warmer summer months, and during the frigid winter months, guests can wear their bathing suits indoors to experience the heated indoor water park.

At a length of 140 feet long and 280 feet wide, the water park will have around 40,000 square feet. The walls on the sides will be 43′ high, but the highest point of the roof will be even higher due to it’s arched design. All of this has been done in an effort to make Jay Peak Resort a year round destination.

In honor of Earth Day, OpenAire also announced that this new indoor complex will be eco-friendly. The shape and design of the roof allows for maximum air flow to reduce humidity as well as energy costs. All of the frame for the building is 100% aluminum details. And the glass used to isolate the building leaves a very small foot print.

This new complex is expected to open in fall of 2011.  Interested in seeing more? Check out the video here.