According to a new article from a local news paper, Busch Gardens will be adding a huge 260 foot drop tower next year in the Germany section of the park. The new thrill ride is said to “easily eclispe the 205-foot peak of Griffon”. While this is no official source, it sounds like a pretty good possibility.

Unfortunately the article does not list an exact model. In fact, some of the examples given are contradicting of each other: Tower of Terror, Drop Zone, Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall, and Monte Zuma are all completely different drop towers, each from a different company. So it is difficult to say what kind of ride it will be however. Although, a balloon was lifted recently to see how high the ride will be meaning it does look like we will be seeing some sort of dark ride in the near future.

I do seem to remember reading an article about a new themed drop tower however, I believe it was much smaller and indoor. I wonder if that rumor developed into this new ride. Looks like we will just have to wait and see.