Described as the ‘Living Character Initiative’, in recent years, Disney has made steps for the famous Disney characters to come to life and interact with guests.  Attractions such as Turtle Talk with Crush, Stitch Encounter, Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, and more have all been steps in bringing the character and real worlds closer together.  However, never has something been done like this.

Disney confirmed that they have been testing a new, interactive, talking Mickey Mouse meet n’ greet character at Mickey’s House in Disneyland California.  The new Mickey costume has a moving mouth and working eyelids.  He is also capable of carrying a conversation with guests and even saying their name!  The new effects are truly spectacular.

What is also exciting news is that this technology is completely new.  This talking Mickey costume is not to be mistaken with the one used in ‘Dream Along With Mickey‘ at the Magic Kingdom park.  In that show, performers have sensors in their fingers that control the movement of the eyelids and mouths.  With this new version at Disneyland, Mickey does not use his hands and the performer does not seem to control the face at all.

Disney Imagineer and head of Advance Development Scott Trowbridge said “We have many more tricks up our sleeve.”  This technology seems very promising and may revolutionize the system.