Intimidator 305, the much debated new ride this year at Kings Dominion, has recieved many technical fixes since it opened a few months ago. Intamin, the ride’s builder, had to add in trim brakes on the first hill to slow down the ride since many people were complaining about graying out, even blacking out.

However, a new fix has arrived that has been rumored since the ride was announced. The typical over-the-sholder restraints found on most new Intamins have been replaced with straps. The Coaster Crew was able to ride the ride, and they say that the ride “is a brand new ride” now.

Intimidator 305 Strap Restraint, photo from The Coaster Crew

The normal Intamin restraints have caused head banging on I305’s tight turns and allowed people to float higher than what was comfortable. From what The Coaster Crew is saying, the head banging is gone and the new straps keep you snug in your seat.

So, what are your thoughts on the new restraints? Will these make up for the ride’s slower speed now? Post your thoughts below and like this post on Facebook to share with your friends.