Shanghai Disneyland artwork as seen in presentation at the Walt Disney Family Museum.

Since Disney confirmed Shanghai Disneyland back in November, little information has been released.  However, there have been a handful of leaked details and rumored additions.  This past week, to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Disneyland, the Walt Disney Family Museum held a special presentation.  And in the presentation, this slide showed up.

This appears to be the very first official concept art of Shanghai Disneyland.  While it is very grainy, and very small, it does give an idea of the park.  From it, we can see a large castle, similar to the Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland castles, a hub and spoke style layout, a train that circles the park, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Main Street, and Frontierland, along with a shopping district, perhaps Downtown Disney.

Rumors indicate that Shanghai Disneyland will be very unique. Could this possibly be a Space Mountain concept for Shanghai Disneyland? Image from Tim J. Delaney Design

Several internet sources have stated that Shanghai Disneyland will take a new approach on the Disney park.  To further more support the idea, when Disney released concept art at their 2006 shareholder meeting, one depicted a new Disney park, and was water based around islands.  Perhaps Tomorrowland will take the style shown above, and instead of featuring lands, it could now have islands.

Hong Kong Disneyland Artwork looked much more attractive then the final result. Image copyright Disney.

While this is all great indicators to a new version of the Disneyland park, lets not forget what the early Hong Kong Disneyland artwork promised is most certainly not what was received.  Hong Kong left many promised attractions out of opening day, such as Toon Town, Frontierland, a Little Mermaid attraction, Peter Pan’s Flight, and much more.

With the possibility of construction starting as early as November, we could be hearing more about the Shanghai theme park project in the coming months.  Keep an eye out.