Ever since it debuted in 2008, Halloween Haunt at California’s Great America has proved to be one of the most popular times of year for the park.  Each year the park continues to add new shows and mazes.  New for this year will be “Black Widow’s Cavern”, a Halloween themed overlay to the park’s log flume.  What was once an old loggers run is now infested by spine tingling spiders that could kill at any moment.  Also new for 2010 is the seductive Fangs show in the Great America Theater.  While this event is one of Cedar Fair’s smallest the park definitely continues to keep up the quality with all of their new attractions.



Werewolf Canyon

Corn Stalkers

Toy Factory

Slaughter House

Club Blood

Scare Zones:

The Gauntlet

Witch Doctor’s Trail

Dead Man’s Cove

Underworld Alley


Fangs (New for 2010!)

Bang! PrimEvil Percussion

Haunted Hypnosis

Shocking Sideshow of Freaks


Black Widow’s Cavern (New for 2010!)

Look out for construction pictures on this website.  We’ll be sure to keep you in touch.  For more information  go to http://haunt.cagreatamerica.com/