It seems like the first Six Flags 2011 project has been announced. Six Flags Over Georgia will be recieving a Eurofighter, named Dare Devil Dive, for the 2011 season next year. This marks the first Eurofighter for Six Flags parks, and should proove to be a popular addition.

“Dare Devil Dive’s mission begins as you’re pulled straight up to the sky on a special vertical chain lift,” say Six Flags representatives, “then slowly roll to the top of the tower nearly 100-feet in the air. After an agonizing pause at the crest of the summit, you plummet downward at an angle that is beyond straight down — it actually angles inward at a blistering 52 mph.”

The coaster claims the country’s first beyond vertical dive – which is a lofty thing to have, except for that fact that it isn’t the first coaster in the US to go beyond vertical on the drop. Several coasters, including Fahrenheit at Hershey Park and Steel Hawg at Indiana Beach already go beyond vertical.

One other thing that can be noted about this ride is that the name isn’t entirely unique – Dare Devil Dive is actually the name of the Skycoaster model at Six Flags Great Adventure as well, although most people aren’t likely to notice this. Interestingly enough, this is one of many links between names at these two parks, including Batman: The Ride, Superman: Ultimate Flight, and The Great American Scream Machine.

Despite this slightly misleading feat – this coaster should prove to be popular at one of Six Flags’s original parks. Except more Six Flags announcements coming soon!