If you’ve noticed, we’ve been slowing down a bit here at Park Thoughts. We’ve all been quite busy working on other things, and we haven’t been able to, unfortunately, put up some posts here.

So… We need YOU!

We’re looking for guest posters, or even better, regular posters! If you want to send in a guest post, check out this page. If you want to join our team full-time, contact us. We’re also looking for folks that might want to be a part of a weekly or bi-weekly podcast. You must speak fluent English to join us at Park Thoughts. We can arrange free admission and media permissions for our full-time writers. Our #1 priority at Park Thoughts is great and accurate content. We’re willing to work to make sure we get it! Park Thoughts does not directly pay any team members.

Don’t hesitate! Please contact us and help make Park Thoughts truly the best Amusement Industry Blog around!

Doug S, Park Thoughts Founder

1scream, the parent company of Park Thoughts, is currently looking to acquire other Amusement Industry Blogs and merge them with Park Thoughts to help make Park Thoughts stronger. If you’re interested, you can contact 1scream at this email: contact [at] 1scream.com. 1scream will reimburse acquired websites.