After more than a year of construction and years of planning, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has finally opened its doors to guests.  Guests of all ages are welcome to experience the world of Ferrari, the iconic super car that is world renowned for its power and speed.  Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a one of a kind theme park that gives guests a look into various aspects of the Ferrari; from the 140 speed with the wind in your hair, to venturing inside a Ferrari’s powerful engine.  Ferrari World is simply a theme park of epic proportions with its unique approach at theming.

This park screams Ferrari in every square inch.  From the massive 86,000 square foot building featuring the iconic Ferrari logo, to the 150 mph Formula Rossa, the park embodies the key components of Ferrari.  Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers something for the entire family.  With thrills like G-Force, to mild family rides like Fiorano GT Challenge, to even some things for the little ones like Bell’Italia. Below is a collection of some great pictures from around the theme park.

Images copyright Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The park has also released a number of videos on their video blog and YouTube Channel.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Remember to check out Ferrari World’s website for more: