2010 was a year with some epic new additions.  Check out Part 1 for World of Color, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Intimidator, Intimidator 305.  In Part 2 I’ll give my thoughts about Universal Studios Singapore, Sky Rocket, Wildebeest, and Shoot the Rapids.

Universal Studios Singapore – 2010 brought the addition of an entirely new Universal Studios park.  Universal Studios in Hollywood, Japan, and Orlando are all quite similar.  However after the opening of Singapore and the planned parks in Dubai and South Korea, it is clear that (unlike a certain Mouse company) Universal is striving to make each one of it’s theme parks unique and different.  The park opened with seven distinct areas including areas themed to Dreamwork’s Madagascar, and Shrek.  The real highlight of the park was dueling sit-down and inverted Vekoma coasters.  Both were one of the first Vekoma coasters to feature 4 abreast seating.  Unfortunately due to technical difficulties with the trains, Battlestar Galatica has closed down and has not reopen since.  In addition the elaborate Madagascar flume ride failed to open during the park’s first  season.  Although the park is still working out the kinks, the park is new and what new park doesn’t have flaws?  With Madagascar: the Crate Escape, Battlestar Galactica, and a new Transformers 3D dark ride opening in 2011, the park is sure to have a fantastic upcoming year.

Sky Rocket at Kennywood – Kennywood is known for it’s classic Wooden coasters, it’s nostalgia, and its unique Arrow coaster, the Phantom’s Revenge.  However, in 2010, the park took a step out of the past and into the 21st century with an LSM Premiere coaster dubbed Sky Rocket.  Launching riders to 50 mph into a moment of holding just before the vertical drop, the coaster was an excellent addition to the park.  Although it may be a new, first of it’s kind steel coaster, the design of the coaster was made not to overshadow the park’s signature coaster the Phantom’s Revenge.  Sky Rocket could arguably have been the “sleeper hit” of 2010.  The coaster serves it’s duty as a supporting coaster to this historic amusement park.

Wildebeest at Holiday World – Holiday World continues to invest heavily back into it’s parks.  With recent additions including the Voyage, and Pilgrim’s Plunge, the park continued to push the envelope in 2011 with Wildebeest.  A ProSlide HydroMAGNETIC™ creation, Wildebeest is the longest water coaster on the planet.  And recently Amusement Today named Wildebeest the number one water slide on the planet, topping the long standing Master Blaster.  Without a doubt this is easily one of the greatest additions to the park.  Holiday world continues to shatter records year after year leaving us wondering what the future holds for those folks in Santa Clause, Indiana.

Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point – Cedar Point, known world wide for it’s immense coaster collection decided to surprise fanboys by creating a water flume.  Since Maverick replaced the park’s log flume back in 2007, it only seemed appropriate to return the flume style attraction to Cedar Point  The park did this in 21st century style with Shoot the Rapids.  Featuring 2 drops, the water flume was a welcomed addition in the hot summer months.  Personally, I would have liked to see a bit more theming to the ride, but it’s Cedar Fair, what do you expect?  Also, perhaps a double dip of sorts would have made the ride a bit more interesting.  Saying all of that, the ride does get its job done.  And that is to get guests soaked!

That’s it for part 2!  Check back tomorrow for the Part 3.