Intamin World Wide recently launched a new website chock-full of information, videos, and pictures.

Intamin AG is one of the top coaster manufacturers on the planet.  The company’s old website was a dull late 90’s style site with just a view outdated videos and an awful design.  Recently the manufacturer launched a new website.  The new design is much more modern, features far more information about the assorted creations of Intamin, and has plenty of videos to keep any coaster lover busy.

Intamin's new website contains a wide variety of their coasters with each page including pictures, a video, and a PDF with proposed layouts.

On the older website, Intamin would occasionally update their coasters page.  However now, the new site contains all of Intamin’s current models.  Each page has a description of the coaster, it’s characteristics, etc.  To the right side is a large picture of an example coaster and at the bottom is a small gallery of the coasters that have been built.  Also available to the public is a PDF file with more detailed specifications of the coasters as well as technical drawings, proposed layouts, and so on.   Lots of these creations can not be found in one region of the world so for one who doesn’t exactly travel the planet for coasters, I must say it is very entertaing to check out some videos of coaster models that have slipped to the back of my mind in recent years.

The website also has some proposed concepts such as this 12 inversion coaster.

The PDF files include technical sketches of the coasters.  Some of these sketches are layouts of already built rides while others are conceptual ideas.  On the downloadable hand out for the Multi-Inversion Coaster, this is one of the proposed concepts with a total of 12 inversions.  Currently, the coaster with the most inversions in the world  is Colossus at Thrope Park with 10 inversions.  And while the coaster does hold a record, it’s a bit of an uninspired layout with barrel roll after barrel roll.  The 12-Inversion coaster however is very different with a Norwegian Loop, a loop, cobra roll, barrel rolls and several corkscrews.  This layout also features some hills that could have some great potential air time.  So, where do you think this coaster design could end up?

Intamin's new website is much improved and is a great tool for any coaster enthusiast looking for information.

Overall, despite the giant amoeba background, the website is very nice.  Lots of videos and pictures to keep us 10-year olds at heart coaster enthusiast happy. Intamin’s new website competes with Vekoma’s site as far as major coaster manufacturer’s websites go.  Now if we could only get Bolliger and Mabillard to get a new website…..