After a lengthy closure, Battlestar Galactica dueling coaster reopened at Universal Studios Singapore yesterday. This pair of dueling coasters features a Human, and Cylon side. On the ‘Human’ side, riders sit down on standard 4-abreast trains and wind over several twists, helixes, and airtime hills. The ‘Cylon’ side is a bit more intense with suspended coaster trains with 5 inversions. Throughout the adventure, each of the two coasters come in close contact with each other providing the ‘dueling’ element of the ride. In addition to having superb layouts, each of the two coasters features their own custom themed queue depicting that coaster’s own story.

Unfortunately, due to issues with the restraints the ride was forced to shut down in April of last year. These were the first time that Vekoma implemented their new 4-abreast trains into any of their coasters. Shortly after the unexpected closure, each of the trains were dismantled to be analyzed. While the park still hasn’t released any details on what was the exact cause of the closure, I’m sure the ride is safer than ever with such a thorough and long refurbishment.

Although the park just opened in 2010, Universal Studios is already showing signs of a bright future. Another problematic attraction, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure is rumored to be nearing completion and have an opening in the coming weeks. In addition either later this year or early next, the park will add Transformers: The Ride, a clone of the same attraction going to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2012.