Busch Garden Tampa’s “new breed of speed” Intamin LSM launch coaster, Cheetah Hunt is currently being erected through a massive construction project throughout the park.  Today, the park received their custom trains for the park’s new ride.  Shaped to the majestic african creature, Cheetah Hunt’s trains are custom designed to represent elegance and natural beauty of the cheetah. The leading “zero car” is an artistic approach at a Cheetah’s head.  The additional 4 cars, holding 4 riders each have custom designed sides to add to the beauty of the trains. In addition, prior to the ride’s May 27th opening, additional graphics will be added to each train further enhancing the Cheetah look.  The trains being unloaded direct from the manufacturing plant is what Busch Gardens Tampa Bay describes as being similar to getting a car for the first time, with the same “new car” smell.  The newly arrived train is the first of the 5 trains soon to be roaring along Cheetah Hunt’s 4,400+ feet of track.  The new trains continue to excite fans for what is shaping up to be the most highly anticipated addition of 2011.  Only Busch Gardens Tampa Bay could take on such a massive project.

For more photos, visit Busch Garden Tampa Bay’s blog post Cheetah Hunt: Don’t You Just Love that “New Car Smell?”