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Quassy Amusement Park in Milbury, Connecticut just opened up their first wooden coaster.  Designed by the increasingly famous Gravity Group, Wooden Warrior is small but certainly packs a punch.  Topping out at just 45′, the designers created something that was appealing to all members of the family.

In a POV just released by the Gravity Group, it’s actually surprising the amount of airtime that is apparent on this new little wooden coaster.  The new Timberline trains seem to fly over the hills and turns providing plenty of pops of airtime.

The scale of this coaster greatly differs from past Gravity Group creations such as the Voyage, and Fireball.  However, this year also marks the first year the Gravity Group is opening more than one roller coaster.  With Twister opening up and being a similar, small-scale family coaster, this could be an indication for the future with us seeing 1-2 smaller coasters along with one mega coaster opening each year from the Gravity Group.

What’s your take on the new Quassy coaster and the future of Gravity Group?  Leave a comment with your Park Thoughts below.