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The country’s first Intamin ZacSpin, Green Lantern: First Flight coaster is now at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California.  As the 18th coaster (and the 2nd coaster added this year), Six Flags Magic Mountain now re-claims the title as “Coaster Capital of the World” with the most roller coasters in any amusement park on the planet.  Green Lantern: First Flight also marks the opening of the newly redone DC Universe area featuring a variety of rides themed around famous DC Comics characters.

Green Lantern: First Flight features a 107′ lift, over 800 feet of track, and a mild 37 mph top speed; the thrill, however, comes from the cars spinning independently as it winds through it’s vertical track.  The amount of spinning riders experience is variant on the weight distribution meaning the ach ride could be completely different, a plus for re-riding.  The ride also features some welcomed theming including various comic-book style cut outs, model jet fighters, a hangar themed station, as well as plenty of shade and landscaping for the long waits.  Of course the icon of the ride is the very cool looking Green Lantern symbol on the side of the ride’s structure.

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Is Green Lantern: First Flight an end-all-be-all coaster? Absolutely not.  However it is a welcomed coaster that serves a “supporting role” well in a theme park.  Something that isn’t necessarily meant to be the best ride in the park, but rather a coaster that will occupy one’s day and give them a nice, quick thrill.  Even more so, I hope that in Magic Mountain bringing this coaster to the Untied States will spark more interest in smaller parks to add these Intamin ZacSpins which provide a great thrill in a very compact area, for an affordable (coaster-wise) price.

Although I do not know when my next visit to the Magic Mountain will be, I can say that I am looking forward to experiencing Green Lantern: First Flight in the near future.  All images in this post are brought to you by our friend,, and the video below is from ThemeParkTourist YouTube Channel.

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Have you had the chance to ride it yet? Will you ride it this summer? Do you want to ride an Intamin ZacSpin? Leave a comment with your Park Thoughts below.