As years go by parks slowly add, remove and change rides.  However, often times it becomes difficult to gauge a parks total change over time.   However this has become yet something else that technology is now able to assist us with.  Google Earth has all of their satellite images archived and available for viewing giving some spectacular snapshots in the growth (or decay of parks).  Today we’ll look at the evolution of Freestyle Music Park.

Years prior to the park’s announcement, in August 2004, the current location of Freestyle Music was nothing more than a giant open field with a lake in the center.  Notice 2 existing structures later used in the park: the ice theater at the bottom, and the Lost in the 70s indoor facility at the top.

In October 2007, construction was in full swing.  At this point in time, 2 coasters have already been fully erected: The Time Machine and the park’s family mine train.  All major buildings for the park are now up and the park is on it’s way to April 15, 2008 opening.

And here we have a relatively depressing snapshot of the park from March of this year.  The park which hasn’t operated since 2009 has had no ride removals and has not been touched.  The real shame is looking down you can see how much expansion room and potential the park has with a strong theme.  It’s hard to believe that the park was forced to close not one but two seasons in a row.

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