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The 2011 summer season is hitting it’s final stretch over these next few weeks, and while most parks are contiuing to coast on their 2012 additions, some parks are just finally opening their new rides. Two parks in particular, Knott’s Berry Farm and Busch Gardens Williamsburg, have had their fair share of problems.

Knott’s announced their Windseeker the same day as the other 3 Cedar Fair parks but immediately some set-backs arose.  First, the original planned location to replace the park’s Sky Cabin was abandoned and a new location by Silver Bullet was declared.  the park then had to drain the below lake and modify one of Silver Bullet’s supports to accomodate the ride.  In fairness of the park, they did make some very good decision in having it not replace Sky Cabin, giving it an awesome color scheme to match the rest of the park’s skyline, and some nice thematic touches to blend into the surrounding Fiesta Village area. The park also released great nighttime test footage to maintain anticipation. After yet another week of delay, the park has set Windseeker’s opening for next weekend.  Keep your eye out Windseekers!

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg has had their hands full with their own tower ride, Mäch Tower. Created by Moser’s Rides, the 200+ foot drop tower is sure to provide spectacular views and a thrilling drop…when it finally opens.  The ride’s manufacturer made several stops by the park causing months and months of tiresome delay.  Rumors even seemed to indicate that the ride had major foundation damage.  Moser has finally signed over the ride to the park, allowing the park to begin employee training and their own set of testing.  BGWFans captured a full test of the ride (skip to 3:55) for the drop, and while it doesn’t appear to be any Intamin drop tower, it will have some nice views of the best landscaped park on the planet.  No opening has been announced but we do appear to be approaching that unknown date.  Shortly after, the park is also expected to announce their 2012 multi-launch coaster plans.

Despite their very very late arrivals, both seem like good additions to the park.  And for future seasons, it will be yet another attraction that guests can enjoy all season long (hopefully).  Plus, with each park having elaborate Halloween events, it will be marketable (and open) during the popular Fall season. So sure it’s late, but better late than never. Keep that in mind.