Holiday World has announced that they have relocated their Zamperla Vertical swing ride over to the surrounding area of the new Thunderbird B&M launched wing coaster. The ride, currently called “Sparkler” in the 4th of July themed area of the park, will be renamed and rethemed to “Crow’s Nest” in its new home alongside Thunderbird in the Thanksgiving area. Sparkler originally opened in 2012. This should certainly bring some additional life to the new midway while providing outstanding views of the park’s shiny new B&M flying around it. The ride has already been moved to its new home and the park has a video of the transformation.

This is one of the surprises that Holiday World has thrown in with the new coaster, and they are still teasing some near-miss ride elements that will be added to Thunderbird prior to its opening.

Track work on Thunderbird itself was actually completed last week. This, along with the installation of the Crow’s Nest ride are certainly making the new area of the park take shape. The 2015 season is fast approaching!