Carowinds buys 61 acres with plans to expand; teases for 2012

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Cedar Fair has announced the purchase of 61 acres adjacent to Carowinds parking lot, which will “enable the Company to achieve future development and expansion of the facility.” For anyone familiar with the Carowinds area, according to the Charlotte Observer, the land is located between the season pass parking lot and I-77.

There are a long list of possibilities for the land,...

Windseeking across the continent

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An on-ride view of Windseeker, soaring high above King's Island. Image from King's Island TwitPic

After many, many, many delays Cedar Fair’s mass-produced Windseekers are finally opening.  The problem-prone rides suffered severe delays at Canada’s Wonderland, Cedar Point, and King’s Island.  However, all the rides received the proper new parts for them to successfully and safely accommodate thousands of riders a day.

The exact cause...

SeaWorld San Antonio to add Aquatica waterpark for 2012

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After the giant success at SeaWorld Orlando, in May 2012, SeaWorld San Antonio wil open their own version of SeaWorld’s Water Park, Aquatica.  Like it’s Floridian counter part, Aquatica San Antonio will combine unique animal encounters with thrilling water adventures.  Inspired by the South Seas Islands, the new water park will feature white sandy beaches throughout the parks along with...