After getting my Cedar Fair Platinum pass, and only living 5 hours from Michigan’s Adventure, I decided to make a little Labor Day weekend trip to Michigan’s largest park. And here is how my day went.


I always loved how Snoopy was a mascot of Michigan’s Adventure.  I even saw him a couple times walking around the park which was always cute! Of course I got my picture taken with him. When I was little, I always loved Snoopy, so it feels good to see him active in this park. My only problem is wondering if kids in this generation know Snoopy as much as I do?


The first coaster you see once you enter the park is the very vibrant colored “Corkscrew.” Seeing the entrance, entering the park was a little let down after seeing the concrete blocks layed out all over the floor. This park was in the middle of the forest, but yet, it lacked trees. But pictured above, a couple trees surround and come in between the coaster, which was pretty good. Nothing like the zooming past trees effects on coasters.

Wolverine Wildcat

After hearing mixed reviews on Wolvering Wildcat, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I know that it is built by Dinn, which I am not a big fan of after riding Darien Lake’s wooden coaster Predator. But I have heard that this coaster can have somewhat airtime, and could be smooth. As I head through the the queue path, I am starting to worry if my back will suffer, or will this be an amazing coaster? I entered the station with a couple trains wait, while it was only running one train, and I went in line for the front. After getting off, I did not feel that bad at all! It isn’t the best coaster around, but definately not the worst. It has some nice elements like the double up hill and the double dip down hill. Overall, this was a pretty average wooden coaster.


Corkscrew has some cool entrance sign supports. It was pretty sweet to walk under and was photographed by many people walking on the mid-way, including me. But for the actual coaster, it was similar to some corkscrews I have ridden, such as Python at Busch Gardens Africa, and a litle different then Corkscrew at Cedar Point. The line moved very slow with its one cart operation, and the ride ops weren’t in any hurry to get the cart moving. I did not think this coaster was worth a 25 minute wait, but I am sure when it was first built, this was the coaster to ride!

Shivering Timbers

Shivering Timbers is definately the biggest roller coaster here! And definately a public’s favorite. I have seen many videos of it, and I was very excited and eager to ride it. During the last helixes of the ride, it was going really fast, which was pleasent to see that it wasn’t going slow today. I sat in the front seat the first time, definately great views and wind with some pops of airtime. I then made my way to the back seat. Although not as smooth as the front, definately has way more airtime! The speed down the hills very very incredible! Always loving this coaster!


In some ways, this coaster reminds me of El Toro. I am stuck between which one I like better. This has a much longer layout, more airtime, and it does give you a smuched feeling between coasters. El Toro does have a taller drop, steeper drop, and is smoother, but there are good things and bads about both. Which leaves me stuck between them.


Geauga Lake gave Michigan’s Adventure this masterpiece, Thunderhawk. I was actually not expecting much from this coaster, after riding 3 other Vekoma SLC’s with the same layout. But this one somehow appealed to me from across the lake. Its very epic color scheme really did seem to stand out from all the other coasters! After riding in the front, I thought the ride was just amazing! The speed, the foot-choopers, the elements. It was very smooth at the same time! I just loved it. Although it isn’t better then Dueling Dragons, it definately beats Batman: The Ride. This is only my opinion, I am not the same person as you. But I loved this coaster so much, I decided to ride it again in the back. Not as good as the front, but still the foot-choppers and overall, sensational ride!


Judging from this picutre, the element does seem to look very impressive! The support structure is definately very confusing, but that adds to the ride a lot! It gives many opportunities to experience one of many foot-chopping effects. Even though this coaster sits on the best green grass I have ever seen, it doesn’t take away from the ride. The dark green with the vibrant yellow and red track all goes really well together, making my favorite coaster of the park. Maybe even on my top 20 coasters list!

Thunderhawk from mid-way

This is my favorite picture I took from the whole trip. I love how no one was in the way when I took this picture! And the coaster looks very attractive from this position when you see the cart moving a long the track. Hearing the screams of the people on the ride, everyone laughing on the blocked brakes, people running through the exit to ride again, always gets me in a positive mood!

After a great day at the park, I loved it. I think this park is very under-rated. People saying this park doesn’t have good coasters and all that stuff. I think their coaster collection is fine. Thunderhawk just adds to the icing on the cake. Some of their flat rides were also very enjoyable! Tilt-a-Whirl and Fallingstar are carnival rides, but they are great to have in this theme park! I just wish I had more time for the water park, it looked just as good as the water park or better!

Liked my report? Hated my report? Give me some feedback with your comment and park thouhts.