Big Dipper and Zach’s Zoomer are both family coasters located at Michigan’s Adventure. But for now, I will review the steel family coaster at the park.

Big Dipper is a 10 year old family Chance Rides roller coaster. It has a double-circuit layout with a total ride time of 1 minute. This coaster makes a great coaster for kids, as you can see in the video. The little girl in the front raises her hands and all the others laugh and have fun! But since I am not a kid, it might not be as enjoyable.

The restraints are not bad and the seatbealts are child-proof safe, but the actual ride can be painful. The first time I rode it, I sat in the back. Very painful during the turns and was really jerky! But the next 2 times I rode it, front and 3rd to the front,┬áit was a very enjoyable ride! It made it worth the 20 second wait. Note: You can tell the ride it a little jerky with the dad who is sitting in the 2nd seat. He put his arm behind his son’s head to prevent him from wacking his head on it.

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