The Six Flags Tournament of Thrills has just recently ended. Le Monstre seemed to take over all the coasters it versed. From the beginning, Le Monstre would not have been suspected as the winner, only beating Comet at Great Escape by only 12%. As soon as Le Monstre won against El Toro, something was going on. It seemed as if Canada and USA have taken sides trying to make their country’s coaster win! You could say Team USA lost with X2 only getting 29% and Le Monstre with 71%. Many people say this¬†tournament was not fair because we all can agree Le Monstre is not the “Holy Rails” of all coasters. But apparently, this¬†tournament proved us wrong…

Le Monstre is a William Cobb & Associates dueling wooden coaster located at La Ronde, Montreal, Canada.

You can read and see more about this tournament on Six Flag’s Facebook page.

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