Many people are not familiar with the S&S coaster manufacturer. But they do do some very incredible things, including a couple record breaking coasters that I will showcase for you here.


Dodonpa happens to be the first coaster I will review. It is the world’s fastest accelerating coaster, beating any other coaster by going 0-106.9mph in 1.8 seconds! During the 55 second ride, you get shot up a 90 degree verticle drop, pictured above. Without those head-rests, I am sure some people would have broken necks by now…

Steel Hawg

Steel Hawg opened at Indiana Beach in 2008. Built as the steepest coaster in North America and still stands with that record. Although it is pretty short, it seems to packĀ  the punch. The first drop, the outside banked thurn, the long upside down moments and the angled barrel roll, all very unique to this ride!

What do you think of these coasters? Let me know in your comment and park thoughts.