Many people have hussed and fussed about the new Mack Mega-Looper Blue Fire. From the looks of it…

Blue Fire

It has a pretty sweet looking first hill. It launches you into this turn around hill which then leads you into the first inversions such as loops and corkscrews. Although it creeps up its first element, the rest of the coaster keeps a very fast constand speed.

Blue Fire 2

The scenery definately adds to the ride! You grind along the canyon walls and race through tunnels and tons of head chopping effects! The scenery was very well put together and it became such a masterpiece of a coaster.

Blue Fire 3

During the night, the supports turn from white to a light purple. This totally makes the night and day time rides different. During the say, you can see white supports everywhere which will be pretty cool because you don’t know which way you will go, but night you see purple supports everywhere. So that means it will look like a forest of purple because that is all you can see, along with the blue track.

Europa Park really out-done themselves this year with the new addition of Blue Fire. The park is made up of many Mack coasters and this one being the biggest and baddest one!

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