Silver Star Now Silver Star is not Europe’s fastest coaster, it is their 4th fastest. But you can say that it is the fastest in Europe that has a lift hill before it’s main course ride. You just nearly make a 79 mph drop into airtime hills and make your way through over one mile of track.

Silver Star 1

The lift hill is pretty massive. You have to climb 239 1/2 feet before you reach the top. One cool thing about the coaster as you can see above, after the first drop, you make a 90 degree turn going into the second hill. Then you continue with more airtime hills. I am not sure if it is just me, but I love thost long turns on B&M Mega Coasters.

Silver Star 2

Some people say parking lot coaster, I say airtime machine! I hear people say that the coaster is ruined because it sites between 2 parking lots. I think it is pretty cool how this coaster does not take up much room, and you can see abovee. It is very narrow and the hills are close together.

 Silver Star 3

 The turn around seems to be a great mid-point for the ride. It probably zips through this element which must give you some good lateral g-forces. Also, the support work looks really well placed! In my opinion, it all adds to the ride with the black tack and grey support color scheme.

Overall, I think this is one of the better B&M Mega Coasters. Even though it is an out and back, it sticks to its name. It goes out, comes back. But a coaster like Nitro goes out, turns, turns, and then comes back. Also, it is the tallest B&M ever built, so it packs some serious speed. You glide over the airtime hills pretty fast and it all adds up to a 4:00 ride.

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