lightning racers1

Lightning Racers is a GCI wooden dueling roller coaster. Its twin like track maybe look cute, but it is all worth the hype. You start of going up a pretty normal lift, parallel to the other side’s lift. The Millennium Flyer trains really give you comfortable seating and a lot of open leg room, and when you climb up the lift, I really noticed that. Then you make your way to the top and go down a curved drop running a long with the cart on the other track. So far, you race, just wanting to pass them, if not, go further away. You get that feeling that you ooooh soooo badly want to win.

 lightning racers 2

What is really unique about the coaster is that you race for the first half of the ride, but then it switches! The near fly-by’s are really good and that happens a lot during the ride. You watch the other train to see if they are further on their track then you are on yours. But then it seems close! You go on one long stretch of track and you see finish at the end of it. The cart in the lead could be you, it could not. One cart will move faster then the other, even if in 2nd. Overall, just my favorite GCI roller coaster!

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