There are 3 main types of flyers that you can ride all over the world. Some prefer this type, some prefer another. Lets see what they have to offer!


The first flyer we will take a visit to are the super-compact Zamperla flyers. These coasters arae not fot the senstation of height and speed, so do not expect them while riding. The coasters really offer a really smooth, scary, flying thrill while being thrown around in such a tight area! The 2 heartline rolls are very unique and add a great twist to the ride. You twist side to side, circling upside down, heading this way then the next. All adds up to a really rememorable ride.


Bollinger and Mabillard seems to come second in our short list of coasters. These flyers offer a smooth flying experience, while experiencing some great forces in it’s one of a kind pretzel loops. A lot of the flyers are really short and can be boring, but it all depends on which one you ride. Out of my experience, B&M’s flyer style restraints are the most uncomfortabe. The overload on restraints can take away from the ride a little bit, while the other coaster’s restraints may not be as stressful.


The last flyer we will take a look at will be Vekoma’s flying dutchmen. People always say that Vekoma coasters are always rough and shaky, but their flyers are definately not. These flyers definately compare to the other 2. It offers a flying experience with a little bit of action while riding on yon back. Which the other 2 don’t offer, (besides Air.) Also, it always keeps a constant fast speed even when going over their over bank turns and such. Which is why these Vekoma dutchmen are star attractions at theme parks.

What flyer do you think you are? Each have its own offerings. From Zamperla’s swinging sensation, or B&M’s forces, or Vekoma’s unique lay down rides, they all are great flyers. I think I got to be the Vekoma flyer. The coaster I rode seemed to stand out the most, then Zamperla coming in second. I think Bollinger & Mabillard’s coaster aren’t bad, but I am not the guy who likes g-force’s. So I will stick with Vekoma.

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