One of the most thrilling coasters at Six Flags Great America happens to be Verticle Velocity, also known as V2. It also happens to be my 2nd favorite coaster at the park.


Verticle Velocity launches you from 0-55 mpg in less then 4 seconds. Now this may not sound fast, but it does get pretty intense. Once the cart moves back on the LIM track after completing the vertical spike, it goes up to 70mph. Now if you sit in the back seat….


you get a great view of the park! Sitting in the back gives you a great observation view of the park. You are facing the mid-way and still climbing heights. You are forced to look down and never know when you will fall again. As soon you hit the LIMs, it picks up its high speed and goes through the vertical spike.


If you are sitting on the front of this 185 foot behemoth, it gets pretty freaky. You twist up the spike, coming within what you think is inches of the top, but you’re actually 8 feet from the top. It gives you that, “Will we fall off?!?” moment. After this, it goes back through the LIMs and repeats the straight spike and comes back to the twisted, and heads back into the station with the brakes. Also note: The LIMs sound like screams and really add to the ride, zipping past them in the station and whenever you can, you can always love the sound!

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