Recently, Six Flags has announced a new Six Flags branded name theme park to be built in Nigeria. At first, I was like what? But these are my thoughts.

I actually thought when I heard about it that it was a really bad move. Nigeria is one of the most popularted countries in the world, but can they all to go to a theme park? Africa is a really poor continent, but yet, this expansion with new resorts and other tourist destinations should bring tourists by the millions.

After hearing this will not even cost Six Flags anything. I thought it was a really smart move. The money they will make with the Six Flags brand names. The park is set to open in 2013. If it is worth going to, I might plan on going there!

You can read more about the news article here.

What are your thoughts on this new Six Flags park? Leave it with your comment below with your park thoughts! Thanks for reading!