Built in 1978, Gemini was built as the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster. It has a hybrid wood structure with a steel track. Many might think from the midway of the ride, that it is old. So people would assume the ride was rough. But that is totally not the case. The coaster glides over the track as one of the smoothest tracks I have ever been on. The turns aren’t even jerky, and it is just a really great ride!


The ride contains many head chopping effects with its double figure eight layout. Just because on the first turn the blue cart is on the outside, it will fall behind a couple of feet. But this is one of the true racing coasters because on the next turn, the red is on the outside. Meaning that the blue might catch up and might surpass the other cart. This happens quite a bit on the ride, but it all adds up to a great racing experience!

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