Steel Venom. When you look at it, it looks like your classic Intamin Invert Impulse coaster. But really, in some way it is, in some way it is not.

I decided to sit in the front, trying to get the best ride possible. The launch was pretty sweet, the wind, the speed and all that. But going up into the twisted spike was pretty scary, in a bad way. The cart was rattling a lot and as if, would come off the track. It also gave some weird shakes that aren’t on other impulses I rode.

You go back into the launch section, speed up. Go up the verticle spike, pretty good. I know the best part was coming up, so I really payed attention to make this party amazing. Going up the twisted spike in the front, all the way to the top! I usually lift up my legs and the coaster would twist me down to the station, but that dang rattling stuff and the cart shaking really didn’t help.


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