Chicago’s local news paper recently announced that Six Flags Great America would be adding the Glow in the Park Parade for the 2010 season.  Taking an approach to please a wider, family audience, Glow in the Park Parade is sure to be a hit with the young and young at heart.  Incorporating more then 5 floats, over 60 performers, and around 35 technicians and support staff, this is no small feat that Six Flags will be adding.

Six Flags has already added the Glow in the Park Parade to numerous parks, such as Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags St. Louis.  In each park the parade is performed it is a hit.  Combining bright, vibrant colors, and whimysical music, Glow in the Park Parade’s 30 minute performance from Hometown Square before proceeding through Mardi Gras, Carousel Plaza, and Orleans Place.

The new nighttime extravaganza will begin 9:30 on every night between Memorial Day Weekend and August 15th, so be sure to check it out on your visit next summer.

Hopefully, more parks will get parades like this (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom *hint*hint*) as they appear to be a great addition to the family atmosphere of Six Flags parks.  You can check out my thoughts and a video of Glow in the Park Parade here.

So will Glow in the Park Parade be a good addition for Six Flags Great America?  Leave your comments and park thoughts!