This is one of Six Flag’s 2 interactive dark rides. The other at Fiesta Texas, also themed to Scooby-Doo and the game.

You first wait through a very well swamp-like queue. Scary trees, shrubs, mist, all make you very excited. The station starts outside, but then goes into a building that is also very well blocked off. The whole ride takes place in a mansion like building, that is haunted. What is your goal? To collect all the Scooby Snacks you can.

You board the ride on a boat, and have laser-guns to shoot targets. All of which are interactive and have some type of domino effect after shooting. Boxes of Scooby Snacks are hidden all over the layout of the ride, some of which are right next to monsters. This is a great family ride that seats 4, and is definitely a good way to have fun with your family. Trying to shoot all the targets with lots of sound effects to be the champion!

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