Aquatica, a Sea World branded water park, which opened in 2008, is rated as one of the best water parks on the planet. It is located in Orlando, Florida, very close to Sea World Orlando.

Aquatica will add four first-of-a-kind water slides in 2010. Some including a pair of inner-tube rides that go uphill using new water slide technology, hydro-magnetic launches.

At the beginning of the tornado slides is a magnetic launch, that launches a six-person raft up a vertical wall. While not much info has been released, it is a unique water slide that is first of its kind.

A 40-foot-tall Topsy-Turvy pipeline complex that features a pair of traditional looping water slides will also be added in 2010. These slides are pictured above, and also feature a series of funnels where rafts swirl side to side before traveling through another tunnel to another funnel.

There are 2 choices you can chose from the Topsy-Turvy slides. One is 285-feet long that features two funnels, the other being 460-feet but features four funnels.

The four new water slides were on display this week at the ProSlide exhibit at theĀ International Assn. of Amusement Parks and Attraction (IAAPA) convention this year in Las Vegas.


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