In 2011, Quassy and Gravity Group will introduce Wooden Warrior, a family friendly Gravity Group coaster made for the bigger kids attending the park.  Construction is well under way and we’ve just received images of progress as Wooden Coaster continues to rise from the dirt and emerge as Gravity Groups venture from thrills to tots with this smaller, much more tame coaster.

In this picture is the initial lift hill, has all wood in place, the turn-around is under way, and the concrete footings have been set for wood for the first drop of the ride.  Also seen is the final cross over the of the ride as riders will soar just above the bottom of the lift hill.

Pictured here is the turn around being erected just behind the park’s carousel.  As you can make out by the square like beams, this section will be enclosed in a tunnel providing for thrill on this 1,250-foot family coaster.

Lastly, this picture shows the end of the ride.  The right is the final bunny hop and turn into the brake run.  Catwalks and hand rails are in the midst of being bolted to the wooden frame as the ride prepares for it’s 2011 opening.

While this most certainly isn’t the most exciting project going on this year, its interesting to see the Gravity Group shift from doing super massive coasters, like the Voyage (Holiday World) and Hades (Mt. Olympus) to something designed for a smaller family crowd.  It will also be interesting to see if the park uses those nifty new Timberliner trains, that have been tested lately on the Voyage.