Invasion of the Windseekers continue with Kings Dominion announcing a Windseeker for 2012.  The announcement comes just weeks after Carowinds announced they will be adding a Windseeker to their 2012 line-up.  Kings Dominion appears to be an identical version of the Mondial model standing at 301 feet, 32 carriages of 2 passenger seats, and the elaborate lighting/audio package.  Kings Dominion brings the total Windseeker count to 6 for Cedar Fair parks.

In addition to Windseeker, Kings Dominion will also add Dinosaurs Alive! animatronic dinosaur park.  Occupying 6 acres, this interactive educational experience will be a 3,000 foot walk through including 36 dinosaurs, 3 of which of interactive.  However, just like the Kings Island version which opened one earlier this year, Dinosaurs Alive! will require an additional fee with park admission (fun eh?).  Dinosaurs Alive will be located near the Grizzly wooden coaster.

Cedar Point also announced they will add Dinosaurs Alive!, with similar statistics.  At Cedar Point, the attraction will be located on Adventure Island, under Millennium Force.  In order to create access to the island, the park will have to remove the Paddlewheel Excursions attraction, which has generated some public out roar on the park’s Facebook page.

I have to say, Kinzel is leaving a mess for Ouimet to clean up.  Mass purchasing dysfunctional attractions, and now installing lame, up-charge Dinosaurs at several park is not particularly a grand exit leaving a great impression.  Nice to see that Cedar Fair is turning into Six Flags of the early 00’s.  I am certainly looking forward to a management change.